Fathers and Sons becoming the men God designed us to be.

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“A real man is one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects the greater reward, God’s reward.” — Robert Lewis

What is Guiding Boys to Men?

Guiding Boys to Men is a community-based approach to helping fathers prepare their high school aged sons for the next phase of life by infusing a biblical view of what it means to be a man while helping spark discussion about issues they will face as they move from boys to men.  The program features guided small group discussions, one on one mentorship and fun “man” activities.

Why Do You Need It?

Many fathers have “gone missing” during the critical teenage years of their sons’ lives. They have chosen to prioritize their careers or their other interests over their responsibility as fathers. The result, more and more teenagers are graduating high school, now independent and unprepared to deal with the challenges that come with the post high school phase of life.

“The high school years go by quick and this gave us more time to be with our sons through camping trips, bible studies, dinners, etc., all while in a setting that revolves totally around Christ.  That can’t be replaced and  I can’t imagine the past 4 years without Guiding Boys to Men and would (and have) highly recommend it.”

Joe, Father

Class of 2015

“Guiding Boys to Men was such a valuable experience for my son and I because it allowed us to discuss day to day struggles that the boys have in high school in a forum with their buddies but also allowed input from their fathers.  There is nowhere else that teenage boys are going to have this kind of setting to discuss these issues.”

Berry, Father

Class of 2017

How to Get Started

Step 1. Form a Community

Find 10-12 fathers and their teenage sons to form a group.

Step 2. Engage a Relator

Find a 25-35-year-old emerging adult male with a heart for serving and experiences to share.

Step 3. Order the Program

Everything you need to get started plus the age-appropriate themed discussion guides.

Step 4. Kick off and Go!

Get started with your group and grow together!

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