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The kit for each year contains 10 topical discussion guides, the 17-page Organizer’s guide, the Relator guide, 12 GB2M wristbands and access to the private Relator forum. Each Year is $75, less than $8 per father, or you can order the entire program (40 discussion guides) for $150.

Freshman Year Kit — $75
Theme: Identity

Before we can be the fathers, sons, friends or leaders we want to be, we must first understand what God intended for us when he created us in his image.

Sophomore Year Kit — $75
Theme: Brotherhood

The primary focus of year two is building trust among fellow brothers in Christ while evolving the focus from self to others.  The group will also be introduced to the first set of “man skills”.

Junior Year Kit — $75
Theme: Relationships

In the critical year three, the group will leverage all the trust that has been built up and tackle some of the more sensitive issues facing men today.

Senior Year Kit — $75
Theme: Leadership

Year four is a defining year. It is a time when the group will begin to embrace their independence and make decisions that reflect who they are in Christ.

Full Four Year Program Kit — $150
All Four Themes

All four years of the Guiding Boys to Men program for one low price. Receive a discount for buying all four years of the program at one time.

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