Themes for each Season of life

Themes for each Season of life

Themes and Topics

“Throughout adolescence, the adolescent struggles with three core issues: identity, intimacy and independence. As they develop, they will need to confront their own spirituality and incorporate it into their sense of identity. Adults play an important role in continuing the dialog while respecting that process and acknowledging the quest may be difficult.” — Kenneth J. Doka, M.Div., Ph.D

Guiding Boys to Men was designed to align to this development journey by introducing the themes and topics appropriate to where the adolescents are in their development and infusing biblical principles into the discussion.


Theme: Identity

Before we can be the fathers, sons, friends or leaders we want to be, we must first understand what God intended for us when he created us in his image.

  • Definition of Manhood
  • Characteristics of a Godly man
  • Family Values

At the end of year one the group should have a firm footing on who we were designed to be, who they individually and what is important in their identify as a member of their family.


Theme: Brotherhood

The primary focus of year two is building trust among fellow brothers in Christ while evolving the focus from self to others.  The group will also be introduced to the first set of “man skills”.

  • Value of Friendship
  • Priorities, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Sophomore Survival Skills

At the end of year two, the group should understand their identity as brothers in Christ and the responsibility that carries with it.

“Dad, don’t you old people say there are seasons in every man’s life? Well for me it felt like each year of high school was its own season!” Christian, Son. – BTM Class of 2017



Theme: Relationships

In the critical year three, the group will leverage all the trust that has been built up and tackle some of the more sensitive issues facing men today. Topics include:

  • Our Relationship with God
  • Love, Dating, and Intimacy
  • Understanding our Purpose

At the end of year three, the group should feel more prepared to move into greater independence in their relationships and their faith.


Theme: Leadership

Year four is a defining year. It is a time when the group will begin to embrace their independence and make decisions that reflect who they are in Christ.

  • Servant Leadership
  • Challenges in College
  • Authoring your Greatest Story

At the end of Year Four, the young men should be prepared to take on the challenges they’ll face in a post-High School phase of life.

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