Testimonials from the Dad

“Guiding Boys to Men was such a valuable experience for my son and I because it allowed us to discuss day-to-day struggles that the boys have in high school in a forum with their buddies but also allowed input from their fathers.  There is nowhere else that teenage boys are going to have this kind of setting to discuss these issues.  Fathers and sons both were allowed to “let their guard down” and since it was a group setting of close friends, we had conversations that a father and son may not have in a one on one setting and it also allowed for different perspectives from other fathers and sons.  In addition, it allowed the fathers to grow closer and build friendships that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Also, quite simply, it gives us more time with our sons.”

“The high school years go by quick and this gave us more time to be with our sons through camping trips, Bible studies, dinners, etc., all while in a setting that revolves totally around Christ. That can’t be replaced and I can’t imagine the past 4 years without Guiding Boys 2 Men and would (and have) highly recommend it.”

“We were really blessed to have Tim, our relator, leading the group! He was able to make connections with the boys that I was just too far from my teenage years to make. I loved it that he was an advocate for the father-son relationship, not trying to be a replacement for it.”

“I think I learned as much about myself as I did about my son and the challenges of being a teenager today. We really reconnected during our time with Guiding Boys to Men.”

“The best four years I could have spent! I wish I had done Guiding Boys to Men with my first son! I will definitely do it with my last two.”

Testimonials from the Relators

“I was looking for an opportunity to share some of the mistakes I made in high school and what I learned from them. There is just not a lot of other opportunities that allow me to do that AND have fun in the process.”

“Guiding Boys to Men fulfilled a need I had to get connected with leaders in this area and learn from them.” I also got to know their sons very well. Makes me more excited to be a father one day.”

Testimonials from the Teens

“Wasn’t sure at first. Turned out to be fun. Made me think about things I really hadn’t thought about.”

“Made good friends through Guiding Boys to Men. We became a pretty tight squad.”

“There were some really tough conversations. I’m glad we had them. I feel more prepared for college life.”

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