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If you are a Christian, then it is clear that we are all to play a role in the Great Commission. We are all called to be disciples and make disciples of all nations. Yep. ALL, BE and MAKE. This calling is not limited to pastors or elders in the Church. It is for everyone. So each of us should examine our role. Are we being the disciples as God called us to be? and are we doing what we can to lead others to a deeper relationship with Christ? Guiding Boys to Men is one opportunity for you to play your part. An opportunity not only to lead young men but also be mentored by “seasoned” Fathers.


“I was looking for an opportunity to share some of the mistakes I made in high school and what I learned from them. There aren’t many other opportunities that allow me to do that AND have fun in the process.”

“Guiding Boys to Men fulfilled a need I had to get connected with leaders in this area and learn from them. I also got to know their sons very well. It makes me more excited to be a father one day.”

Are you…

  • Christ-centered
  • Feel they have some wisdom to share, a heart to serve and things left to learn
  • Seem Cool
  • Seem Real
  • Good communicator
  • Good proximity to the group in both location and age. (25-30 year men)
  • Looking for an opportunity to lead people
  • Feel they could benefit from a relationship with “seasoned” fathers in the area.

If this is you, then you would most likely make a good Relator! Then ask yourself: Can I prioritize two hours every 2 weeks for a total of 15 weeks to lead a group of teenagers and their fathers? That is a total of 30 hours a year doing your part in the Great Commission. Still Interested? Tell us. Fill out this “I want to Lead” profile. We will review your profile and connect you with potential opportunities in your area. If we don’t currently have a group nearby ready to be lead, we will keep your profile on file and contact you when we do!

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