A chance to lead and be led

The Role of the Relator

The relator is the critical role in this program. It is what sets it apart from most other programs like this. The relator is still young enough to speak the language of teenager yet has some modern-day street smarts to share. They are the Leaders of the program. They facilitate the huddles. They help bring the topics to life by sharing their own personal stories. In exchange for that, the relators have the fathers as mentors to help them deal with the challenges emerging adulthood.

The relator can help fathers understand the new pressures and environmental struggles that teenagers will experience as they go through high-school, while also relating to the boys themselves and offering advice or a listening ear.

What makes a good Relator:

  • Christ-centered
  • Feel they have some wisdom to share, a heart to serve and things left to learn
  • Seem Cool
  • Seem Real
  • Good communicator
  • Good proximity to the group in both location and age. (25-31 year men)
  • Looking for an opportunity to lead people
  • Feel they could benefit from a relationship with “seasoned” fathers in the area.

“I appreciated the opportunity to lead the boys and be mentored by the fathers. I am not going to say it was easy. Leading can be hard.  It was, however, worth it. I know I grew as a person as much as I hope they did.”

Called to Become a Relator?

Does this sound like you? Do you feel called to lead and be lead? Become a Relator.

Looking for a Relator to lead your group?

Finding the right Relator can be a difficult part of the program because it is such a critical role. These 25-35-year-old emerging adults come from various walks of life. They are high school teachers, assistant athletic coaches, youth pastors and emerging leaders in local businesses. If you don’t know anyone in your area, contact Guidingboystomen.org. We may be able to match you to local leaders.

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